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Left to Right: Alex Shantz, Jeannie Kerr, Cynthia Smith. Jeff Conwell and Maria Haug.

The St. Helena Unified School District provides the guidance and resources necessary to ensure an environment conducive to learning. However, it is important to emphasize that the goal of our educational system is not to supplant parental responsibilities throughout the learning process. Rather, it is the policy of the Governing Board to foster parental participation in order that an educational climate is created which reinforces and fosters the positive and healthy development of the child.

The Board accepts as its primary responsibility the education of every child. The Board's first goal must be to provide each student with the basic skills necessary to participate and function effectively in society.These skills include, but are not limited to: Reading, writing, mathematical computation and verbal communication, motor skills development, decision making and self-esteem. In addition, the Board is committed to the goal of achieving academic excellence through a program of instruction which offers each child an opportunity to develop to the maximum of his/her individual capabilities.

Board Policies of the St. Helena Unified School District are available online through the California School Boards Association. California School Boards Association - St. Helena Unified School District

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Term Expires November 2016
Vice President
Term Expires November 2016
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Term Expires November 2018
 Jack Preston
Student Representative
2014-2015 School Year


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