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These web pages are designed to help you plan your research, locate the best sources, and put it all together for a great final paper and presentation.
This is a great place to begin. It will walk you through the research process, helping you stay focused and organized from start to finish.
Learn about the major types of printed and online sources and where to find them.
Discover how to use the internet to find reliable, trustworthy sources.
Find out how to quickly judge the quality and reliability of any type of source.
Effective research requires good note-taking skills. Learn different note-taking strategies.
All sources need to be properly cited. Find out how to cite the sources you are using.
SHHS Library Catalog
RLS Library catalog
St Helena Public Library
SH Public Library 

 OWL Purdue
Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab
Diana Hacker's Writer's Reference 
A Writer's Reference .
ABC CLIO Databases
CIA World Factbook
World Fact Book
World Book Online
World Book
Google Books
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Citation Generator
EasyBib cite generator
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Last Modified on September 15, 2014