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News, Notes & Votes



St. Helena Unified School District

September 9, 2011


Students of the MAP program


Twelve students from St. Helena Primary School were the center of attention at the Board Meeting last night.  All eyes were upon them as they explained their Team project in art.  Each group described the artist they studied for this project and presented their own interpretations of their artist’s style.  It was a fantastic display of the great work of the faculty of SHPS in how successful they are in educating and inspiring their students.  In addition, the artwork from the Elementary School project was on display in the Board Room for the Board Members to review and enjoy.  Congratulations to the Primary and Elementary Schools.


1.   K-5 Program Update


Sherry Kelly provided an update on the reconfigured K-5 Program and the activities over the summer and the first three weeks of the school year.  Teachers and students presented information related to the multi-age component of the K-5 Program, and the Board saw a video in relation to activities at the Primary School.  (See “Hot Topics” to view the video.)


2.   API/AYP Results


The Board received information from Dr. Cindy Toews, Assistant Superintendent, related to the District API scores, which have increased as follows:  SHHS + 22 points; RLS +35 points; SHES +28 points; SHPS +93 points; and SHUSD + 30 points.  Unfortunately, SHUSD did not meet three of the 22 requirements         for adequate yearly progress. Therefore, the District entered Program Improvement (PI) Status in connection with (1) Graduation Rate, (2) Overall Performance on Math, and (3) English Learner Subgroup Performance in ELA.  Dr. Toews’ report included the actions that need to be taken due to the District being in PI Status.


3.   RLS Middle School Modernization Phases I and II


The Board received an update on the RLS Middle School Modernization Phase I, which is scheduled to begin in June 2012.  The presentation included  renderings of the design of the new 6th grade wing.  In addition, the Board approved contracts and the preliminary scope of work for the RLS Middle School Modernization Phase II, which should start in June 2013.  The District and School Administration will begin work with the School and Community to finalize the project scope.


4.   Wellness Policy


The Board approved the District’s new Wellness Policy, Board Policy No. 5030, as recommended by the Food Service Task Force.  The policy was first heard at the August 11, 2011, Board Meeting and will be the guide for our Food Service Department for this year.


5.   Energy Policy


The Board reviewed, as a first reading, a new District energy policy – Board Policy No. 3511, Energy and Water Management – and accompanying Administrative Regulations.  If implemented, this policy should result in significant savings to the District with energy costs as well as provide an environmental benefit.  Policy 3511 is scheduled for final review at the October 13, 2011, Board of Trustees’ Meeting.


6.   Unaudited Actuals 2010-11


CBO Greg Medici provided the Board with the 2010-2011 Unaudited Actuals Financial Report, which reflected District deficit spending of $651,576, leaving a reserve on June 30, 2011, of 5.67%.  This is extremely close to what was projected by the District in the Second and Third Interim Reports for the 2010-11 Year.


7.   “Just Imagine” Report


Tawnia Knox, Chairperson of this year’s “Just Imagine” Auction, updated the Board and public on the activities that the Auction Committee has been working on for the September 24 Auction, which will be held at Hourglass Blueline Estate, 4208 Silverado Trail, beginning at 5:00 PM.