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St. Helena Unified School District

October 13, 2011 

team Connect  


“Team Connect” Presentation

Elizabeth Arvizu, Student Activities Director and Advisor to “Team Connect,” and SHH Senior Classman Harrison Reilly, a “Team Connect” Leader, made a presentation to the Board about “Team Connect,” which is a group of 30 volunteer SHHS upperclassmen, who are trained to be leaders and role models for the Ninth Graders.  They reported on their first organized event for this year, which was held during Access Period on  October 12, 2011.  The event was designed to promote teamwork and camaraderie among the Ninth Graders and “Team Connect” leaders and included a series of relay races, balloon animal competitions, and team-building activities, all of which will be reflected upon and discussed by the Team Leaders with the Ninth Graders assigned to them.

Homecoming Activities

Homecoming festivities at the High School begin on Friday, October 21, 2011, with the Homecoming kick-off rally, followed by a week of float building, grade-level dinners, bonfire (weather permitting), powder puff football game, parade, JV and Varsity football games, and a dance.  The theme for this year is “Celebrations,” and Principal Julie Synyard promises that the floats will be amazing!  Administrators, class advisors, and parent volunteers will be working with their particular grade levels and students to ensure the week is fun, safe, and successful.  All are encouraged to attend some of the week’s activities.  Please check the SHHS Web site Calendar for specific events and times.

K-5 PTG Harvest Festival Fundraiser, October 22, 2011


Superintendent Bill McGuire reported that the St. Helena Elementary School and Primary School Parent Teacher Groups Annual Harvest Festival will be held on Saturday, October 22, from 12:00 Noon - 4:00 pm, in connection with the Annual St. Helena Harvest Festival.  There will be jumpy houses, crafts, games, and the ever-popular Cake Walk for everyone to enjoy.   All proceeds from the event help support PTG-funded field trips, enrichment classes, special assemblies, speakers, and student projects.  


2.   The Board approved MOUs and Salary Schedules increase of 1% for employees covered by SHTA as well as modification to Health and Welfare benefits provided to SHTA members related to grandfathering “Cash-in-Lieu” SHTA members.


3.   The Board approved to extend the Kindergarten Day from the current 8:23 a.m. to  1:50 p.m. schedule to the new 8:23 a.m. to 2:55 p.m. schedule, subject to agreement with SHTA.  The District and SHTA will now begin the collective bargaining process to comply with any contractual items related to this extended Kindergarten day.


4.         The Board approved Resolution #11-19, establishing the week of             October 24-28, 2011 as “RED RIBBON” Week, an event sponsored by the Californians for Drug-free Youth, Inc., a statewide parent/community organization, along with the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.  During that week various organizations in St. Helena will be demonstrating their commitment for a drug-free society, and St. Helena Unified School District will be supporting this cause.  As one of the highlights of “RED RIBBON” Week, on October 25, the National Guard’s Counterdrug Unit will land a helicopter at RLS Middle School.


5.   The Board approved the Job Description for the Manager, Network Systems and    Applications position, replacing the current Network Manager position, which will be vacant due to Steve McElroy’s retirement.  The District will be advertising to hire for this position and hopes to have filled it by December 1, 2011.


6.   The Board approved Board Policy 3511, Energy and Water Management, to provide a framework to help the District save valuable funds and be more environmentally friendly.


7.   The Board discussed Board Policy 5117, Interdistrict Agreement.  The Administration reviewed the current Interdistrict Agreement Board Policy and Administrative Regulation relative to DOC and a proposed legislative solution for Howell Mountain/Pope Valley.  The Board discussed alternatives and approved the following schedule for further action: 


        November 10, 2011      Draft Board Policy 5117, Interdistrict Agreement

November 14, 2011      Community Meeting – St. Helena High School

December 5, 2011        Community Meeting – RLS Middle School

December 8, 2011        Final Board Policy 5117, Interdistrict Agreement

January 1, 2012           Implement Board Policy 5117, Interdistrict Agreement


8.   The Board discussed the process to appoint members to the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee.  The District will begin an outreach effort to solicit two new members to the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee in order to fill the vacancies resulting from the recent resignations of two former members.


9.   The Board reviewed the results of the Strategic Planning Session held on October 3, 2011, when members of the Board, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Community, and Parents participated in a Strategic Planning Session and developed priorities for the Strategic Planning Steering Committee to use in their continuing work to develop a final, written Strategic Plan.  A follow-up Strategic Planning Session will take place in April, 2012.