News, Notes and Votes (ARCHIVED)

News, Notes & Votes
St. Helena Unified School District
April 5, 2012
1. Update on St. Helena Preschool for All
Superintendent Bill McGuire and the St. Helena Preschool for All Board of Directors advised the Board of Trustees on the progress of St. Helena Preschool for All. In response to the need for preschool for all of the children in the St. Helena Unified School District, the St. Helena Family Center, in partnership with five private preschools, implemented a program that provides scholarships for four year olds in need of preschool. The five participating preschools are: Sun & Stars Montessori School, The St. Helena Cooperative Nursery School, Discoveryland Children’s Center, Wee Care Childcare, and St. Helena Montessori School. The District has been working with community members to form a stand-alone, non-profit corporation that would take over the scholarship program and raise sufficient funds to provide preschool to all qualified (low income) four year olds in our District.
2. Presentations:
Mr. Lalo Trujillo, Managing Director, of Caldwell Flores Winter, Inc., presented the CFW Foundation 2012 Scholarship Award to SHHS Senior Sarah McClure.
The Safe School Ambassadors, from Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School, presented information about their Safe School Ambassadors Program to the Board of Trustees. The program empowers leaders from the diverse groups and cliques on campus and equips them with nonviolent communication and intervention skills to stop bullying and violence among their peers. When Safe School Ambassadors decrease bullying and intimidation, the level of respect and tolerance on campus increases; and, students feel less distracted, more relaxed, and safer and are more able to focus on learning.
The Board recognized the SHHS Academic Decathlon Team and their Coach Evan Blasingame for their tremendous achievements at the State Academic Decathlon competition this year.
3. Approval of Bid Award for RLS Modernization Phase I Site Work
The Board approved the bid of $977,422.00, presented by Guerra Construction Group, to complete the site work for the RLS Middle School 6th Grade Wing Modular Building project. This bid came in 10.13% lower than the construction budget estimate of $1,087,625! Construction will start in June, 2012.
4. Revision of Board Policy 5030, Wellness
The year-long effort of the Food Service Task Force (FSTF) was reviewed and their revised Policy 5030, Wellness, was shared with the Board of Trustees. The recommended policy reflects all of the research and learning experience the FSTF has gathered over the past 12 months of meetings. This revised policy will guide the District in continuing to provide nutritional meals and snacks for our students. In addition, it will provide guidance to teachers and parents when planning special classroom events where food will be served. Policy 5030 will be on the Board Agenda for the May 10, 2012, Board Meeting for approval. Information meetings will be held in April to review these proposed policy changes.
5. Approval of 2012 Summer School Recommendation
After reviewing outcome data from last year’s Summer School Program and analyzing current resources, the Board of Trustees approved the recommendations made by Dr. Toews for the 2012 Summer School, which included the following:
- Implement the iPad program for 30 incoming Kindergarten students
in conjunction with NapaLearns, the St. Helena Family Center, and
Napa County Office of Education.
- Offer extended school year for eligible Special Education students.
- Develop a collaborative model to serve the K-8 population through
community resources and incentive programs.
- Do not offer a summer program for high school students.
- Evaluate the option of a 2-week, early-back program for English
Learners at the Primary and Elementary Schools if Title III funding
is available.
6. Technology Update
Ben Wilson, the District’s new Director of Network Systems and Applications, reviewed, with the Board, his main task since starting with the District. He will be establishing 21st Century Classroom models in St. Helena. Mr. Wilson is seeking input from students, teachers, District Administration, and community members to have two 21st Century Classrooms up and running by May 15, 2012.