News, Notes and Votes (ARCHIVED)

News, Notes & Votes
St. Helena Unified School District
May 23, 2012
1. New Principals Announced for St. Helena Primary School
and St. Helena Elementary School
After an extensive search and selection process, St. Helena Unified School District’s Board of Trustees approved the hiring of Mr. Tom Hoskins, as Principal at the St. Helena Primary School the and Mr. Mark Arnold, as Principal, at the St. Helena Elementary School for the 2012-13 school year:
The new principals completed four different interviews, a writing assignment, and a site visit to become the successful candidates out of over 100 applicants for these two positions.
Board President Jeff Conwell stated, “The process SHUSD used to select the two principals for the Primary School and Elementary School was more rigorous than many Districts use to select a Superintendent. I, as the School Board President, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and President of the Teachers’ Association visited the candidates’ schools and met with a parent, staff person, teacher, and their District Administration to validate the candidates’ backgrounds and interactions with various stakeholders. This process might seem excessive, but all the stakeholders in this selection process feel that Saint Helena Unified School District deserves the absolute best.”
Tom Hoskins is currently the Principal of Coyote Valley Elementary School, in Hidden Valley Lake, California, and has six years of experience as a K-6 principal. Mark Arnold is currently the Principal of Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, California, and also has six years of experience as a K-6 principal. Both gentlemen are highly recommended by their Community, Staff, and Education Colleagues.
Dan Boyett, President of the St. Helena Teachers’ Association and member of the school site visitation team, stated, “Tom and Mark are both highly qualified and had great reviews by everyone I spoke with. They are highly qualified, and I have no doubt they will bring a wealth of proven practices to our district. I find them to be very personable and a good fit to our K-5 Programs.
Twenty two Community Members, Board Members, and District Staff participated in the selection process lead by Dr. Cindy Toews, Assistant Superintendent. Dr. Toews commented about welcoming Mr. Hoskins and Mr. Arnold to St. Helena. “We are thrilled that Tom and Mark have agreed to join the St. Helena Unified School District family. Both come to the District with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a deep commitment for educating students. Each has an extensive track record in building collaborative teams, creating positive climates, and improving academic outcomes.”
2. Board Approved 2011-12 Salary Schedules for
Administrative and Confidential Positions
The Board approved a 1% salary increase for all Certificated Management, Classified Management, and Confidential Staff currently employed as of May 23, 2012, retroactive to July 1, 2011. This action was in line with previous 1% salary increases, also retroactive to July 1, 2011, which the Board approved earlier this year for Certificated and Classified employees at the completion of their respective negotiations process. Along with the approval of the new Salary Schedules for Administrative and Confidential employees, the Board also approved the new Job Descriptions created for these positions.