News, Notes and Votes (ARCHIVED)

Oath of Office Trustee Cindy Smith gave the Oath of Office to Trustees Jeff Conwell, Maria Haug, and Jeannie Kerr
SHHS History Teacher
Frank Mazzi
 Sports Fall Sports Honored 
Football Coach Brandon Farrell 

High expectations lead to high achievement!

1. Board Acknowledges AMERICAN SPIRIT Magazine’s Recognition of Frank Mazzi 

At last night’s Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees acknowledged Frank Mazzi, History Teacher at St. Helena High School, for being the subject of a feature article in AMERICAN SPIRIT MAGAZINE for his development of the St. Helena High School World War I Research Institute. 

2. Election of the Board President, Board Vice President, and Board Clerk at Annual Organizational Meeting of the Board of Trustees 

The Board held its Annual Organizational Meeting last night and elected Trustee Jeff Conwell to a second term as Board President, Trustee Sean Maher to a second term as Board Vice President, and Trustee Cindy Smith to a second term as Board Clerk. Regarding the Adopt-a-School assignments, the Board decided it would be beneficial to change the assignments from 1 year to 2 years; consequently, last year’s assignments remain in effect; i.e., SHHS—Trustee Kerr; RLS—Trustee Maher; and SHES—Trustee Smith; with new Trustee Maria Haug assigned to SHPS.  

3. November 6, 2012, Election Results Certified; and, Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) from the 2010 Election will act as the COC for the 2012 Election. 

The Board certified the Election of November 6, 2012, and approved the 2010 COC serving as the 2012 COC for the District. 

4. Approval of the 2012-13 First Interim Report 

Chief Business Official Greg Medici presented the District’s 2012-13 First Interim Report to the Board, and reported to the Board that the District remains in positive financial position for 2012-13 budget. The Board unanimously approved the 2012-13 Interim Report as presented by Mr. Medici.