News, Notes and Votes (ARCHIVED)


News, Notes & Votes
St. Helena Unified School District
January 17, 2013

1. SHHS Jazz Choir
The High School Jazz Choir, conducted by Ms. Alba Gonzalez-Arredondo, sang their rendition of “If I Fell in Love” at the Board Meeting.
2. Joint Meeting with the Board of Trustees from Howell Mountain Elementary School District Prior to the Regular Board Meeting, the SHUSD Board held a Joint Meeting with the Board of Trustees from Howell Mountain Elementary School District. Discussion ensued around the following items: (1) Proposed legislation, which Senator Wolk has submitted to the State Legislature (SB 63), allowing SHUSD to receive funding from the State for the Howell Mountain and Pope Valley students that attend St. Helena High School. (2) SHUSD’s District of Choice as covered in Board Policy 5117. (3) SHUSD transportation service to Howell Mountain and Pope Valley. (4) The results of the passage of Measure U last November, about which HMESD Superintendent Tom Stubbs advised thathe spoke with the CEO of Pacific Union College, who advised they have no development plans at this time. (5) Collaboration between the two districts in areas where it is appropriate to do so. Regarding unification of the two districts, both Superintendent McGuire and Superintendent Stubbs stated that, because both Districts are basic aid districts, financially unification is not in the best interest of either District as expenses would increase dramatically with no additional money coming from the State.

3. District of Choice (DOC)
The Board approved the (DOC) Enrollment Caps for the 2013-14 school year, and the lottery drawing was held to create a waiting list for any class openings that may exist for next year. A total of nineteen District of Choice applications were received for the 2013-14 school year.

4. Dr. Julie Synyard’s Report to the Board on St. Helena High School
Dr. Julie Synyard provided a program overview of St. Helena High School to the Board, detailing all of the exciting things that are going on at the High School, including information on sports teams, school clubs, recent developments, test scores, Support Services, technology, student and staff accolades, and a list of the colleges/universities where last year’s graduates were accepted. Dr. Synyard reported that the atmosphere at the High School is one of happy enthusiasm.

5. Update on the District’s Suspension and Expulsion Rates and District Policy
Superintendent McGuire updated the Board on the suspension and expulsion rates in the District and also advised the Board that the Governor has signed new legislation for school districts in connection with managing suspension and expulsion situations at all schools.

6. Mrs. Alexandra Haslip approved to serve on the District’s Citizens Oversight Committee
The Board unanimously approved the application of Mrs. Alexandra Haslip to serve on the District’s Citizens Oversight Committee. Superintendent McGuire announced there is still one position on this committee that needs to be filled, and that position must be filled by a member of a bona fide taxpayer organization.

7. Measures B and C Bond Sales
Superintendent McGuire presented three scenarios to the Board for consideration in connection with the sale of Measures B and C bonds. He explained the benefits and risks of each scenario and said they will be discussing this more in depth to ensure that Board Members have as much information as possible prior to their making their final decision on future bond sales for Measures B and C.