News, Notes and Votes (ARCHIVED)

St. Helena Unified School District

High expectations lead to high achievement! 

1. Energy Update 

Brian Clark, Energy Management Analyst, and Dan Banowetz, Director of Facilities, presented an update to the Board on the Energy costs of the District, outlining what has been done so far with the HVAC control system at Vintage Hall, the Primary School and parts of the High School, how it all works and is managed, and what the cost savings has been to the District thus far. The Energy Update ended with a photo of a check the District received from PG&E, in the amount of $23,385.58, for achieving sufficient energy savings in the operation of the new HVAC control system. 

2. Salary Schedule Increases 

 SHTA: The Board of Trustees approved the final Agreement between the District and SHTA. Key items in this agreement include the following: 

1) Salary Schedule adjustments for SHTA Members 

2) Increasing SHTA Members’ work calendar by one day 

3) SHTA Members with longevity in St. Helena will be recognized through an additional longevity step on the salary schedule and a longevity requirement for the existing Early Retirement Incentive Program 

4) Increasing Staff Development time over the next few years to fully implement Common Core State Standards 

5) The additional Staff Development days will be phased into increased Student days beginning in 2014-15 

6) A committee of Teachers and Administrators will collaboratively work to resolve scheduling difficulties at the K-5 level 


CSEA: The Board of Trustees also approved the Agreement with CSEA related to salaries, and those key elements are: 

1) 1.81% salary increase for all staff 

2) 1.5% longevity increase at the end of 30 consecutive years with the District 

Management & Confidential Employees: Finally, the Board of Trustees approved a new Salary Schedule for Management and Confidential Employees, with key elements as follows: 

   1) Certificated Management Employees: 2.5% Salary increase including one additional work day (equal to increase for other Certificated personnel). 

   2) Classified Management Employees: 1.965% Salary Schedule increase – no additional work day and no longevity increase – (equal to other Classified Employees). 

   3) Confidential Employees: 1.81% Salary increase and 30-year longevity step of 1.5%, for a top of 1.96%, same as other Classified Employees. 


3. SHHS Pool Project and Design Project 

The Board of Trustees approved the following 7-step plan in connection with the SHHS Pool Project and Design Project:

1) Allocate $3.6 million from Measures B and C funds for construction of the pool at SHHS. 

2) Continue to limit public access to District pool facilities during school hours. 

3) Approve pool design that “DOES NOT” relocate the basketball court on Grayson or use any part of the existing parking lot. 

4) Approve prior recommendation of 30 meter by 25 yard pool, with an add alternate for a 34 meter by 25 yard pool and design drawing and construction documents completed by May, 2013. 

5) Offer to accept a donation from St. Helena Community Pool, Inc., in the amount of $45,000 for Arch-Pac to co-design a 2-pool option for SHHS. 

a. Work with Programming Committee to refine design to meet the needs of all users. 

b. Design drawing and construction documents completed by May, 2013. 

6) Authorize efforts to raise the greater of the cost difference between the 2-pool option, or $550,000, to be finalized by May, 2013. 

7) Authorize issuance of RFP to third-party provider to increase the revenue potential to SHUSD for pool use outside the instructional day. 

4. 2012-13 Parent Survey 

The Board of Trustees approved the 2012-13 Parent Satisfaction Survey with the following timeline: 




February 14, 2013 

Approved by Board of Trustees 

March 1, 2013 

Publish Survey 

 Survey Monkey for Electronic Input 

 Paper Surveys in English and Spanish 

 Constant Contact 

 Send survey in “Thursday Notes” 

 Ask the equivalent of 1 class per grade level for 100% completion of the Parent Survey to ensure valid results. 

March 15, 2013 

Close Survey 

March 22, 2013 

Compile Results 

April 18, 2013 

Report Results to Board of Trustees 

April 22, 2013 

Report Results to the Strategic Planning Team