News, Notes and Votes (ARCHIVED)

St. Helena Unified School District


1. Art Show and Winter Sports
The Board of Trustees and attendees at last night’s Board Meeting were treated to a marvelous array of artwork on display in the Board Room. A number of drawings and paintings from each school filled the Board Room with a huge variety of art all done by our students. Principal Julie Synyard enthusiastically introduced the “Saints” pictured above who represented their teams in the Board’s acknowledgment of various SHHS Winter Sports athletes – basketball and wrestling – to recognize their hard work and dedication to their personal development in athletics and the success of their School. High expectations lead to high achievement!
2. Vision Statement
Superintendent McGuire presented to the Board a recap of the groundwork that has been done, in the past several months, to create a Vision Statement for the District. Several sample Vision Statements were developed from various sources, including the WORDELs created by Ed Summit and the Strategic Planning teams, and were given to the Board to consider in their development of next steps in moving toward adopting a final Vision Statement for the St. Helena Unified School District.
3. Bond Sales
At their meeting last night, the Board of Trustees voted to approve the sale of $30 million in Measure C general obligation bonds approved by District voters in 2012, plus $1.23 million in Measure B bonds approved in 2010. A final $5.4 million in Measure B bonds will still be available to sell in the future, bringing the total bond amount to $30 million. Chief Business Official Greg Medici advised that combining the two bond issuances into one sale, of $31.2 million, will save the District money in processing fees. With these bond sales, the District will be able to build a new High School auditorium and swimming pool, construct new High School playfields, improve Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School playfields and track, improve playfields at the Elementary and Primary Schools, and continue classroom modernization. They will also allow the District to upgrade technology for the next 10 years, modernize classrooms and school facilities, and invest $5 million in further modernization in 2023.
4. Auditorium Programming Committee Update
Superintendent McGuire updated the Board of Trustees on the progress that the Auditorium Programming Committee has made on the planning for a new Auditorium at SHHS. He presented various property plans the Committee has been considering, recapped the steps that will need to be taken in bringing the new Auditorium to fruition, and stated he expected the new Auditorium will be open in the winter of 2015.
5. Approval of Course Offerings at SHHS and Spanish Program Offering at RLS
The Board of Trustees approved the Course Offerings at St. Helena High School and the Spanish Program Offering at RLS Middle School as they were presented in the Board Agenda.
6. Approval of 2012-13 Second Interim Report
The 2012-13 Second Interim Report presented by CBO Greg Medici was approved by the Board of Trustees. Mr. Medici stated that the conservative budget management that the District has been doing in the last two years is paying off, and the District is in good financial standing.