News, Notes and Votes (ARCHIVED)

St. Helena Unified School District

1. SHHS Academic Decathlon Team
The St. Helena High School Academic Decathlon Team was recognized by the Board of Trustees at last night’s Board Meeting for the tremendous work they did to achieve outstanding success in their competitions this year. SHHS Instructor Evan Blasingame, who serves as Advisor to the Academic Decathlon Team, advised the Board of the numerous medals the team members won and introduced each team member, advising the medals they won individually and as a team.
2. Proposed Changes to the 2013-14 School Calendar
An additional staff development day was added to the calendar as a result of recent negotiations between the District and the St. Helena Teacher Association (SHTA). As a result, a Calendar Committee met to adjust the 2013-14 calendar to incorporate this additional day. This Committee was comprised of Maria Haug, Jeannie Kerr, Cindy Toews, Carol Shirmang, Erika Rodriguez, Brandon Farrell, and Sarah Herdell.
High expectations lead to high achievement!

SHHS Academic Decathlon Team
with their Many Medals and Trophies
SHES Principal Mark Arnold

The goal of the Calendar Committee was to incorporate this additional day while maximizing the impact of Staff Development and provide for longer uninterrupted instructional blocks. This calendar is currently in the process of being voted on by SHTA and was brought to the Board of Trustees last night as information.
Following are the changes that were made to the calendar.
Vertical Articulation Wednesdays are moved to the 1st Wednesday of the month
  • Staff Development Day Added on August 9th
  • September and October Staff Development Days moved to November 25th and 26th
  • Spring Break moved to March 24th through March 28th due to STAR assessments
  • Staff Development Days added on April 18th and April 21st
  • August 12th and April 18th are ½-day staff development and ½-day teacher workday.
This proposed calendar change will be presented for action to the Board of Trustees on May 9, 2013. Prior to May 9, 2013, the District will work to inform our parents and the public via Thursday Notes, RLS Principal's Corner, press release, and through a mailer that will be sent to all the families of students of St. Helena Unified School District.
3. Vision Statement
As part of the Strategic Planning process, the Board of Trustees created the following Vision Statement for the District. The Board received input from stakeholders at the Strategic Planning Team Meeting, held on October 22, 2012; Ed Summit, held on March 27, 2013; District and Site Administration on December 11, 2012; and, on January 18, 2013, the Board discussed options related to key elements in the Vision Statement. At last night’s meeting, the Board approved the following Vision Statement for the District.
Vision Statement of St. Helena Unified School District:
Our Vision is an inspiring and innovative learning environment with
the highest expectations for all students and staff so that they are
successful academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.
In addition, the Board approved the following Motto for SHUSD.
Motto for SHUSD
High Expectations Lead to High Achievement
4. Bid Awards for RLS Middle School Modernization Phase 2
The bid awards for the RLS Middle School Modernization Phase 2, using multiple-prime contractors to complete the RLS Phase 2 Modernization Project #2001-7, were approved by the Board last night as follows:
1. Bid Package #1 - Sitework S. W. Allen Construction, Inc.
2. Bid Package #2 - General Building Vila Construction Co.
3. Bid Package #3 - Mechanical A. E. Nelson Construction
4. Bid Package #4 - Electrical Napa Electric Shop, Inc.