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Instructional teams (6th, 7th, 8th) coordinate state standards based curriculum and instruction.
English language learners receive focused support in language acquisition through classes that supplement, but do not supplant, their grade-level core classes.

Student Support Model is counselor-based and features a full time Pupil Personnel Services certificated staff member as well as part time crisis counselor and school psychologist.
Comprehensive Special Education services are delivered to identified students.


Regular and prompt attendance is essential for success in middle school. If a student misses school because of illness or other emergency, the student must have a note signed and dated by that student's parent or guardian explaining the reason for their absence. Students will not be readmitted to classes until they submit a note to the office and are granted a readmit slip from the secretary. The office would appreciate a call from the parent or guardian on the day the student is absent; otherwise the secretary will call the student's home. The attendance number is (707) 967-2725.

Last Modified on December 9, 2014