Dana Simon

Course Agenda


This agenda is an overview of the daily activities you can expect in this class.  If you are absent, a good place to start figuring out what you missed would be this agenda.  This course is organized and predictable, meaning parents and students should never feel surprised about expectations, daily schedule, homework, or quizzes. Every Monday students will receive this agenda, with the specific assignments, textbooks, handouts, and quizzes or tests listed. 


1. Do Now (Daily Grammar and Writing Mechanics Practice)

2. Read in-class literature selection

3. Literary elements and grammar discussion using in-class literature

4. Spelling pretest


1. Independent Reading

2. Literary elements and grammar practice using independent reading book

3. Grammar practice exercises

4. Spelling “Think and Write” activity


1. Do Now

2. Read in-class literature selection

3. Correct homework 

4. Literary elements, grammar, and spelling discussion using in-class literature


1. Independent Reading

2. Literary elements and grammar practice using independent reading book

3. Grammar practice exercises

4. Spelling practice exercises


                               1. Do Now

2. Read in-class literature selection

3. Correct homework 

4. Writer’sWorkshop


1. Independent Reading

2. Literary elements and grammar practice using independent reading book

3. Spelling practice exercises

4. Literary element practice exercises


                               1. Do Now

2. Read in-class literature selection

3. Correct homework

4. Writer’sWorkshop


1. Independent Reading

2. Spelling review exercise

3. Study for spelling quiz

4. If necessary, complete today’s writing activity from class


1. DoNow

2. Spelling and grammar quiz

3. Week in review, STAR style

4. Writer’s Workshop


1. Independent Reading

2. Record pagesread and complete a five sentence summary

3. Standardized test practice exercises




Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes, published by Prentice Hall

Spellingand Vocabulary, published by Houghton Mifflin


            Bullrider by Suzanne Morgan Williams

            The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton


Seventh Grade Materials


Please have the following materials for all of your seventh grade core classes:

1 pack of black or blue pens (not felt or gel)

1 pack of red pens

1 pack multiple color highlighters

1 pack of pencils (if they are mechanical pencils, please get a supply of lead)

1 pack of colored pencils (10-12)

1 small pencil sharpener with lid

4 100-sheet packs college ruled binder paper

2 composition books (1 for Math and 1 for World Wheel)

1 pack of “Post-It” notes

1 pack of 3 glue sticks

3 packs of 5 tab binder dividers

1 pack of reinforcement stickers for binder paper

1 3” binder


Grading Procedures


            All assignments will be graded using a weighted point system.  Please note that large assignments, such as compositions and projects will be carefully explained to the students and students will be given a grading rubric which lists the specific assignment criteria and points possible. 

            Student grades are available to check online at home or in the library through the school web site. Please be sure that you and your child know your Aeries password, available at the Counseling Office.


Homework (20%)                                                       Quizzes/Tests/Projects (30%)

Spelling Practice Exercises                                        Grammar Quiz: every Friday

Grammar Practice Exercises                                      Spelling Quiz: every Friday

Independent Reading Exercises                                 End-of-Unit projects

Literary Elements Practice Exercises                        Multiple Choice Literature Tests

Standardized Test Practice Exercises                        


Composition(30%)                                                     Classwork(20%)

Writing Process Activities                                         Daily “Do Now” Activity

Final Essays                                                               Literature-based Grammar Activities

Final Narratives                                                         Literary Elements Activities


Homework Policies


1. You will have homework five nights per week.  Every Monday students will receive a weekly class agenda which lists all in-class and homework assignments for the week.  This agenda is called the “blue sheet” and will be stored in your binder. It is your best reference if you are absent.


2.  Please complete your homework on time. Late assignments will not be accepted unless special circumstances exist.


3. It is the student's responsibility to find out what assignments they missed due to absences. Students will receive one day to complete work for each day they are absent. A file titled “If You Were Absent” contains all handouts and can be found on the table by the classroom door. 


4. Your homework will be graded daily as “Complete” (4 out of 4 points), “Incomplete” (no points), or “Absent.”

            a. To earn a grade of “Complete” you must have attempted to answer every assigned                practice question. 

            b. If you encounter a question you cannot answer, do not skip it.  Instead, follow these                steps:              

                        1.) Have your “Do Now” Cornell Notes out. Read the practice questions and                                answers we completed in class.

                        2.) Try again to answer the question.

                        3.) If you still cannot answer the question, circle the question number, write down 
                             what is confusing about the question, and ask your teacher the next day.

            c. Every question should have something done, whether it is all the workneeded to answer the question, some of the work, or an explanation of why you are stuck.


5. If you receive an “Incomplete,” you MUST immediately sign up for the lunchtime English and Math study hall, so that you may re-do or finish the homework and resubmit it to earn 3 points out of 4 (75%).

            a. Seventh grade study hall will be held every day in room C-2 at lunch, after the activity bell. 

b. Please signup for the English and Math study hall in spiral notebook located next to the door in D-2, so that Ms. Simon and Ms. Lanum know how many students to expect each day.

            c. Students in fifth period may attend the study hall prior to class in order to resolve any

            homework problems.

            d. If you are not able to attend lunchtime study hall on a particular day, Ms.Simon is        available to meet with you before school by appointment.










1. Be on time!  Every student is expected to be in their seat working on their “Do Now” and to have picked up the daily handout when the tardy bell rings. 


2. Be prepared!  Please bring the proper materials to class every day.  Being prepared also means completing your homework on time.


3. Be considerate!  Please be courteous to your classmates.  It is important that we all feel comfortable participating in this class.  We should all be careful not to put-down or embarrass anyone.


4. Be aware of the school rules!  The school rules are listed in your school-provided planner.  Please read the rules and become familiar with the many policies and procedures.


* These rules are also posted for easy reference!


If you choose to break a rule...


·        First time: warning


·        Second time: meeting with theteacher for 10 minutes during lunchtime study hall


·        Third time: meeting with teacher for 20 minutes during lunchtime study hall and a note will be sent home, to be signed by parents or guardian


·        Fourth time: a referral to the administrator will be written


·        Severe disruptions:  Student will be sent immediately to the office!