News, Notes and Votes (ARCHIVED)


St. Helena Unified School District

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St. Helena Unified School District 

June 20, 2013 

1. Presentation on the feasibility of renewable energy at St. Helena unified. 

Mr. Rick Brown, of TerraVerde Renewable Partnerships, updated the Board on the analysis that TerraVerde has done on the possibilities of installing solar energy at three sites at St. Helena Unified: on the roof of the new Auditorium Building, on a shade structure installed over the parking lot near the pool, and on additional shade structures over the parking lot and a section of the playground at the Primary School. Mr. Brown explained the challenges TerraVerde is currently reviewing to determine cost savings results that match the District’s original expectations of achieving net positive cash flow savings without having to pay upfront expenses. TerraVerde will continue their analysis and report back to the Board of Trustees when more specific information is developed. 

2. Approval of St. Helena Unified’s Strategic Plan for 2013-14 

The Board approved the District’s Strategic Plan for 2013-14. The Strategic Plan is built each year around the Board of Trustee’s Strategic Initiatives. Those initiatives for 2013-14 are as follows: 

A. Student Learning and Achievement 

B. Communications/Positive Relationships 

C. Human Resources 

D. Technology 

E. Facilities 

F. Strategic Planning 

G. Resource Allocation/Budget 


The complete Strategic Plan may be found on the District’s website at the following link: 

3. Approval of the SHUSD 2013-14 Budget. 

The District’s 2013-14 Budget was also approved by the Board last night. CBO Greg Medici presented a detailed explanation of the 2013-14 Budget, and his PowerPoint presentation may be Page 2 of 2 

viewed on the website, attached to the Agenda Item for last night’s meeting, in the District’s online agenda program BoardDocs, which is linked on our homepage. 

4. Approval of the 2013-14 Certificated Management Salary Schedule 

The 2013-14 Certificated Management Salary Schedule was approved by the Board last night as well. This new salary schedule contains a merit increase system that will be implemented as part of the Certificated Management Salary Schedule. 

5. Approval of Superintendent’s Contract 

As a statement of their confidence in Mr. McGuire and their desire to provide long-term stability to the District, the Board approved a new 4-year contract between the District and Superintendent Bill McGuire. The Board acknowledged the progress the District has made under Mr. McGuire’s leadership and commented that they felt the District is well on its way to becoming one of the top ten schools in the State. In his public comments at the meeting, about the Superintendent’s contract, SHTA President Dan Boyett stated, “The Board’s decision to award a 4-year contract to the Superintendent shows that they are providing long-range planning for the future, as opposed to a short-term contract, which would just be a stop-gap measure/quick fix. I believe the District is ready to move forward. Also, I am pleased that the Board included in the contract checks and balances that financially protect the District if the contract were to be broken by either party.”