Bullying Prevention

FOR ALL PARENTS TO SHARE WITH THEIR CHILDRENResources Include:Barton, Elizabeth. Bully Prevention. Sage Pub. 2006Beane, Alan L. PhD., The Bully Free Classroom. Free Spirit Pub. 2005Breakstone, Steve. How to Stop Bullying and Social Agression. Corwin Press, 2009Fried, SuEllen. Bullies and Victims. Evans & Co. 1998. Whether at school, at home or in the community; bullying has become recognized as a problem that, though changed in its look and methods, continues to be a universal problem.  BULLIES-A bully is someone who repeatedly hurts another person with their words or actions despite being asked or told to stop. They can be proactive or reactive. BYSTANDERS see or hear about bullying without participating in the behavior. VICTIMS are the target of the bully’s behavior. They can be passive or provocative. These Quick Tipsare intended to help bullies, victims and bystanders make responsible and safe decisions to stop, intervene and help prevent bullying. BULLIES can learn to say to themselves: ·I don’t have to do this. ·I can make a better choice. ·I can keep my hands to myself. ·I can walk away. ·I can control myself. ·There’s a better way. ·I’m better than this. ·I’m in charge of me ·I can stop and think. ·I can put on the breaks. BYSTANDERS can stop bullying by: ·Refusing to join in ·Refusing to watch ·Speaking out ·Reporting the bully ·Standing up for the victim ·Gathering around the victim ·Being a friend ·Including the victim ·Distracting the bully VICTIMS can respond to a bully by: ·Avoiding bullies ·Acting confident ·Looking confident ·Being observant ·Telling a friend ·Telling an adult ·Being assertive ·Staying calm ·Keeping a safe distance ·Walking away ·Saying, “Stop it” or “Leave me alone” ·Using humor ·Traveling in a group ·Joining a group ·When in danger-RUN! Bullying is a big problem and everyone can do something about it. For more information go to:     www.stopbullying.gov Contact Information  St. Helena Unified School District • 465 Main Street, St. Helena, California 94574 • (707) 967-2708